Job title: Cmos Sensor Expert
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Information Technology < IT >
Salary: Negotiable
Location: tokyo
Job published: 2023-07-13
Job ID: 48918

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

1. Track the latest technical and productive information of CIS, analyze the new technologies from the perspective of design or simulation.
2. Planning the CIS development and proposing the technical roadmap and projects of CIS technology with the team. Assess and locate the key risks in the early stage.
3. Empower CIS to be white box especially in the following points (photodiode, transfer gate, ADC etc.) clear from design, set up the endto- end simulation system of CIS based on the theoretical model, set up the test and evaluation system of CIS based on the image quality.
4. Combine the image plan of Honor and industry trends to lead our venders and solve the problems during the product development.
1. Fluent English for technical communication with Advanced level Japanese or Chinese
2. 8+ years of CIS design experience with relevant skills;
3. Rich experience designing main part of CIS, such as photodiode, 4T readout, ADC and experience with advanced technology in a certain field of CIS (pixel engineering, logic circuit design, bonding technology, etc.);
4. A solid understanding of CIS imaging principles and related theoretical methodology (including semiconductor process, analog/digital circuit design, semiconductor physics, digital image processing etc.);
5. Rich experience with the optical-CIS-image simulation, pixel design and optoelectronic performance/process simulation;
6. Rich experience with the CIS evaluation system, able to provide scientific evaluation and improvement programs for key parameters such as image quality, performance or power consumption;
7. Familiarity with CIS manufacturing process and key points of each steps. One with IDM, Fabless design house or Fab working experience is preferred.